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Indigos in Literature

July 30, 2019

I just got done reading Jane Eyre, which is a story about someone who breaks many rules, trying to get by in 1800s England. A Little Princess is about someone who likes making up stories for fun but who gets called out for lying about being a princess in school when she is only just a rich girl who wants to pretend to be a princess. She gets severely mistreated but then begins to believe in the Magic. The Magic doesn’t fail her when the Indian gentleman finds her. This is an indigo story as many stories are about new people, the rule breakers, and how their normal, ordinary counterparts would prefer they not break the rules.

Literature gets into this in detail. Literature is often about those who break the rules. So is fiction and television. Buffy the Vampire Slayer looks at what happens when the vampire falls in love with a Slayer, and how the Slayer spreads her talent into the world while recruiting other Slayers at the very end of the series. The Slayer has to have a good army for the battle of good versus evil. This is why she makes an effort to recruit new ones. The character of Buffy is interesting on many levels because I feel her friends and her sister are indigo

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