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Dark Midnight

August 9, 2019

The human race fights for its survival for real, and militias form. Will the alien invasion happen or not? Can the Secret Space Program stop it? What is going on in the skies above Dulce, New Mexico, because I’ve really decided to make my story set in Dulce, New Mexico even if I’ve never been there. Its called looking it up online for more details. I used to watch Roswell, the original TV show. They filmed on location I guess, for the scenes of the actors being out in the desert. I could count the original Roswell TV show with Jason Behr as a huge influence in my work.

My own writing ideas scare me but need to be written. What is it with my writing block? It is bad enough that I need to see a professional psychic. So much work needs to be done here in the condo of my own. I have a condo of my own in which to write. A lot of writing needs to be done. I have many books I need to get to work on. Eventually I will make money. Yes, that will happen. I have so many books I want to work on, there is a list of them. My blog is used as a type of pre-writing.

I don’t want to give away too many ideas but yes, this book needs to be written. I may as well start working on it. I prefer not to write under the gun having a contract, and a certain deadline. My internship has deadlines. I have learned to keep up with deadlines without flipping out. I’ve really learned how not to get panicked by the term “deadline.” I can set my own deadlines for myself without freaking out as much as I used to.

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