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How the Demography Organized Business Plan Is Going

August 11, 2019

My business plan is just going. Demography Organized is all about making up a system to organize demographic information by topic in a way that makes sense. The thing is, demography is scattered all over the place online. tries to organize it but it is difficult to find any one clearinghouse for demographic information. Google attempts to organize the unorganizable, the majorly disorganized. I would like this company to be a partnership between me and someone with a degree in demography who will be my Vice-President in a distance work environment. I’d make sure all employees worked from home.

The website would pay per demographic link. Demography is the study of statistics, such as births, deaths, income, or illness, in a population. Demographic information is the number of births or deaths found inside a population. Demography studies the information found on that statistical data. Demographic information is also about how people move around the planet also called migration. Another criteria for demography can be education. The U.S. Census attempts to collect demographical information on the population currently residing inside the United States from coast to coast. They want see exactly how much of the population lives in the country. The human population is projected to become 9 billion in the year 2045-50. Now, I want to be around for this but the possibility of what the world will look like does scare me a bit, I mean if the sea levels change the maps.

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