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Bay Area anger room idea – where you get to scream, throw and break shit.

August 18, 2019

I have an idea for a business to set up in California called the Anger Room. This is a franchise idea because the original company exists in Dallas, and I want to carry on Donna Alexander’s work. She died from being beaten by her boyfriend, who injured her so severely that she died of her injuries. Her work needs to be carried on. I want to establish an anger room in the Bay Area. I don’t even know if her old anger room still exists in Dallas. But hey, this could be turned into a franchise. I’m shocked to learn of her death.

She had a great idea. I wanted to try it. I would have gone to Texas to try this anger room thing out for myself. But then again martial arts works just as well for me. I too dealt with violence against women growing up. Her idea was based on the principle that anger needs to be confronted. Gaslighting, domestic violence, and triangulation are things that are done to victims to make sure that they do not know they are being messed with by their abusive narcissist. A narcissist is merely a sociopath who is not in jail. Sociopaths have no empathy towards others, which is why they abuse people the way they do.

This anger room was designed to help people let go of violence done to them. I’d like to start my own room in San Jose, maybe in a warehouse? Donna Alexander had started it in her garage at some point, and then she had to rent a building. This is such a fabulous idea, put a franchise in major cities. It would be cool if I was allowed to carry on her work with this.

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