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Blurb for being a professional female body building athlete

August 20, 2019

I have thought to become a professional female body builder. This is because I have decided to try to impress people this way. I can bench press 55 pounds as my upper limit. I can lift many a weight, but I forgot what types of machines they used to have at the YMCA. I know I can’t do any leg lifts as that is too heavy for both knees, even with a lighter weight. I feel that my knee injuries would prevent leg lifts from happening so I shouldn’t go near that device.

My body building is a way to give myself muscle, and prove that someone little like me could lift heavy objects. What I do to lift something heavy or even to walk to the supermarket, is to use my Chi. Chi is an energy that comes from your body, if you breath three times, short, and quick breaths. I use Chi to lift heavy objects and that is all I understand about it, as explaining what Chi is would take a while. In my limited understanding at the age of 38, Chi may have something to do with psychokinesis, or my ability to bend metals.

With chi, I can push someone twice my size, meaning that I channel energy or power or something in order to accomplish this. My anxiety, stress, and pressure can trigger my PK. Chi itself is another name for this energy? Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, it’s okay. I’m trying to wrap my brain around my mind, as well as my body. My knees could buckle if I try to lift any heavy weights right now. I feel like maybe I could try biking at the gym give or take but I don’t want walking there to make me feel tired.

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