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Literature cliff notes/paid for book reports work from home

August 23, 2019

My business idea for a Cliff Notes website may exist in the form of Cliff Notes books online that do not substitute for actually reading the book, ever. Paying people for book reports in a work from home format could really help some make money online. They would be submitting book reports getting paid a rate of 0.05 cents each. This is an attempt to make a work from home site that can help people get paid well. I’ve been writing copy nonstop lately, I’m trying to relax and not necessarily over do things.

This is why this blog is short for me. I’ve been very busy. There is a reason I’m not allowed to be in lethal sports right now or intense sports anyway. I’ve been overdoing the athletic thing my entire life. I guess I’m just going to be forced to learn how to relax and not drive myself to extremes trying to impress people. I’m addicted to work. I’m a workaholic who doesn’t know when to quit. This is something I do not want to emphasize in any company I have. Growing up, I wasn’t necessarily allowed to take breaks, I begged for them, but not always. In my adult life, this cannot happen.

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