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Full Moon Mania

September 14, 2019

I wasn’t feeling out of sorts from the reunion Barbecue or the high heat, but rather from the full moon giving me some mania. It crept up on me. I didn’t notice. My full moon stress was aggravating my anxiety. The full moon can give us bipolar 1s mania or depress a bipolar 2. I was feeling edge Wednesday, I went to bed early Thursday and Friday as the cure. I’m waking up way too early, but that is the seasonal changes creeping up on me. Summer is a rough time of year for me because of the heat. I have decided I dislike summer, in particular Indian summer heat waves in October that San Jose finds itself enmeshed with.

If I had my car back, I’d drive to Palo Alto to cool off at Bayshore. Indeed, Mountain View and Palo Alto are less hot than San Jose. San Jose is a few degrees warmer. It is a noticeable difference for those who live further North. I will pay for my car registration today at the AAA office, and I feel truly well enough to go because I got enough sleep last night. Going to the reunion was giving me anxiety. The heat was also causing me stress, so eventually I managed to chill when I decided I wasn’t going. A friend of mine can’t go as we were going to go together.

So we decided due to our health problems, that we weren’t going. Heatstroke can be really scary for me. I get nauseated in heat above 90 degrees. Hot weather is terrifying. I’d love to go to Africa someday but not necessarily soon. The hot weather anywhere is a turn off, as going to the Middle East is also on my list of places to travel. But anyway, yes, the full moon is something that can mess with those of us in tune to it.

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