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Who Dares Call Me Shorty?

November 1, 2019

Yes, I’m 4’10. You are going to shut up about this. The next time I walk into Occupational Therapy at San Jose State, I am not dealing with being called shorty. You see, my GI says I’m cleared for rough sports again. This means that when my knee is better, despite a small hiatal hernia I can go back to martial arts. That is my intention anyway. Although I have to be wary of sudden throwing up because of this hernia, and I have to not get bronchitis or pneumonia this winter because of my hernia. I’m fragile, and my therapist will get an email from me as to why people who call me shorty can’t pick on me or risk making me very ill. So the thing is, tall guy, keep your goddamn mouth shut since I could use my chi to push someone twice my size around. You want a piece of me, tall guy?

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