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Textbroker November Slow Down

November 2, 2019

I have other jobs on the horizon with regard to the Textbroker November slow down. These jobs are in transcription. They will help my finances a lot. I did the books from July to October, and saw I had income balancing me out. Then, in October, I hit the holiday slow down which meant there was less money coming in. I’m now in “must conserve strips” mode. I have managed to talk myself out of getting paranoid in the last three years living by myself. November 22nd, 2019 will mark three years since my family left. It is nice to be drama-free. I don’t have to be constantly picked at by them. They have a serious need to take medication. They don’t. But hey, they hardly know this blog exists. We can keep it this way. Not that they would take an interest.

  1. Good luck with your job prospects! 🙂

    • iriavp permalink

      Through no shortage of trying my friend, there is no shortage of that, and motivation.

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