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Give Myself Some Credit

November 11, 2019

I recently regretted friending someone who was mutual friends with someone else but didn’t live in California. The thing is, that person was busy asking me if I was married, with kids, and I said no. WTF? Who friends someone with that being the first question asked? I deleted/blocked him right away after that commentary. My instinct said, “don’t friend him.” But do I pay attention to that? No. I don’t. I should have listened to myself. I didn’t. My, my, and that was because I thought mom wouldn’t like me trusting myself even if she is thousands of miles away. I have thought it over. Anything people who do not take medication say is not real. Anything they try to pretend is stable is not stable. I do not take untreated hot messes of a person seriously. In the end, I’m trying to do better for myself because I’m working on myself.

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