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Being low-income

November 13, 2019

Most people will assume from this title for this post that I’m going to complain about being low-income. No, actually, I like being low-income. I enjoy it. It is easy, it’s easier than having actual money. Actual money is a huge responsibility I have spent my adult life avoiding. But then again I need to travel, go to school, and get better job opportunities for writers by moving to Los Angeles. I have to go on with my life, and if that means paying up the ass for medical care, then that means paying up the ass for medical care. If I can make money for myself, then I can make money to help others. Yes, that is my motivation for becoming a billionaire. But then again it is also to put the current ones in their places by helping people more than they do. The income inequality situation in the United States has me very pissed off at THEM.

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