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How to Make a Spanish Omelet

November 27, 2019

It is really easy, and I mean really easy. You can make a Spanish omelet by chopping the potatoes in a fine manner. Then you use PAM or olive oil, or vegetable oil for best results to fry the potatoes in. PAM is an alternative to olive oil because it doesn’t have calories. It works very well. You fry the potatoes to a crispy style. Then you put it in two beaten eggs that you can flip in a small frying pan. The beaten eggs need to coat all the potatoes. Then you put the potatoes into the frying pan, waiting until the eggs set, making sure it is evenly spread. As the eggs set, you put a plate over the frying pan, flipping it over, and sliding the eggs and potatoes onto it. Then it hardens, with you being well on you’re way to eating it.

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