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Histrionic Personality Disorder and Schizoaffective

December 1, 2019

A bipolar with histrionic will have many a mood swing. This kind of disorder runs in my family. You see, people pretend to be polite to those who do not take medication for any reason. One of them had encouraged the dog of someone to bark while the dog parent was making sure the dog didn’t bark at all. My family member ran roughshod over this idea of the dog not barking, encouraging it to bark at another dog in the old homestead. Nobody notices this person’s drinking habits a long with their flamboyant personality that people seem to like even as the person is thinking mean things to say about that person to either other people or myself. I have volumes of the mean things this person has said, in my head or that can be accessed via the Akashic Records.

See, sociopaths lack empathy for others; they really do not have much of it. I realize without certain people around in this house, I’m far less stressed out. My blood sugar doesn’t skyrocket when interacting with my family simply because I avoid them. This is why I don’t go to Thanksgiving, the holiday highs. I’ve managed to get that under control. I’m attempting to rest a lot this year, since my life contained less of that for a long time. I was stable enough to date until 2016 when I blew my knee in yoga. I was doing nothing in yoga but I feel my knee injury was a huge psychic attack-caused situation. Histrionics do a lot to get attention. Histrionics are easily influenced to drink more. It doesn’t take much pressure sometimes. I avoid relatives because of this, since his OCD demands I drink in his presence, I’m an alcoholic, and I don’t want to be around an ugly scene if I go, and insist I do not drink. What ever happened to free will eh?

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