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Sources of Income – Ways I Can Make Money

December 5, 2019

Now I’ve learned about SEO agencies and how easy they are to start. You don’t have to talk to your client except over email. This would be a perfect business for me to get into. But hey, I have many ideas on how to make money. One real-world dayside job is to become a baker. Yes, that would make me happy, it would be fun, and it would seem like playing rather than working. Also, I have ideas with selling my psychic website with a salary for psychics to lower their fees idea to a partner who can pay me $500,000 for their full partnership. I’m looking for someone with that kind of money who can do this for me.

But then again I have to be wary of my competitors. East West bookshop lets psychics charge higher for services. I have ideas for Udemy classes. I have ideas for books. There could be an endless stream of money coming in eventually, as that psychic attack book must be written. I may have to give up some TV time to get this stuff done. I’m going to the library today to get a new set of books. It is dry enough to go out. My art can also make real money. Yes, it can.

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