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The Land of True Blood

December 10, 2019

My story will feature a lot of real psychic information on how psychic attack works. The characters in the story are close to real life people. I’m writing this story as a part of Cyndi Dale’s exercise in Uncovering Your Storyline. I’m trying to write fiction as a way of healing myself from past abuse situations by my family. The Land of True Blood features technology like electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing as well as medical technology that the castle came with. The story is set on another planet, such as that of ancient Tiamat and is set in the deep past. Tiamat had people on it for 10,000 years before Earth was even colonized by them. Tiamat exploded though by colliding with Earth, making the asteroid belt of today. You see, during the time of the Annunaki our psychic talent got shut off. I could turn this into a novella series, the fictional history of Tiamat.

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