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Getting my own Kiosk at the Mall

December 13, 2019

Now that is an unconventional source of income that I can work my own hours with. I want to establish a kiosk at the mall where I can sell my art, and even my handcrafted pillow with seeds inside it. I would also like to sell hand warmers that protect hands from circulation problems while typing. I have no idea how much that kiosk at the mall will be but we can also sell crafts from other people who want it sold, such as a family friend who designed pillows with heavy doses of lavender in it that is meant to be used as a sleeping aid. I’m pretty much going to do research into getting a mall kiosk. I feel I need one but when I feel up to driving again so I can haul all my things around or maybe I could find someone whose job it would be to drive me to that mall with my things.

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