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The Pass Plan

December 18, 2019

To get off SSI requires something called a Pass Plan, which proves to them that you can make money from various sources of income. The PASS Plan is something that helps the Social Security people know how to help you if you want to make money. You have to have a concrete plan, prove you are stable, and succeed at some major health goals. I think I got enough sleep last night, so I feel better than I did yesterday because I think yesterday I felt hypomanic a bit from waking up too much and having to change my set.

Now I feel functional today but my goal this winter break is to take it easy. I want to not get a single illness. Sure, I have pimples but I’m not having a cold right now. Part of my PASS Plan will involve the novels I want to publish. You get an advance with some literature situations to help you fund writing the book itself. I like submitting completed work though because it means that they read it, they publish it. My non-fiction book on how to deal with bullies is done. I want to add something about the guy who called me retard-face for having a huge pimple in my nose. Yes, I’ve thought about writing to the school paper about this.

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