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Why I Want Money- To The Doctor That Doesn’t Want Me to Make Money

December 20, 2019

One doctor I used to see, but dumped because of her rude comments, said I’d be a bum without SSI. Thanks, yeah, I’m aware of that. I’m a treated schizoaffective. But telling me I shouldn’t make extra money is plain wrong. I’m shocked that you’d do that. Who the hell do you think you are? I decided to dump this toxic person who likened me to a bum, who would never amount to anything. I tried sharing a business plan, although then I realized she was untrustworthy for many reasons. So then I said, I’m dumping her because I also discovered she was narcissistic. Now I can find a narcissist very quickly. I know how to spot them. I have things I need to do with my life. So don’t limit me by telling me to give up.

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