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Affiliate Marketing: How that Works

December 28, 2019

My understanding of affiliate marketing is very minimal, but there are two main components to the process, the product creator who sells the product, and the affiliate marketer who spreads the product where each party receives a share of the revenue. An affiliate can be one person or a huge company that is marketing a product through promoting it. The consumer is the person who actually bothers to buy the product, while the network is something between the affiliate and the merchant. To sell a product you have to become a merchant in four steps that Neil outlines. You need a product idea, a way to validate your idea, which then needs to be sold. Your idea has to be something people are willing to buy. The affiliate network has to be made up of your partners, because your product has to be part of a niche, since you can review products on your blog. Sometimes an email list is seen as a great way to market but I disagree with that. You can have a website dedicated to product reviews if you want to. This article is my way of trying to piece together the subject of affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

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