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The Holiday Highs, Am I In Control?

December 29, 2019

I try very hard to manage type 1 diabetes. I call the phenomenon the holiday highs, which is an inexplicable holiday high blood sugar that doesn’t come down no matter what I do. I have to increase my basal rate hoping for the best. Then it does come down, but it depends on whom I’m around. If someone gives me major high blood sugar this is a sign that they are toxic and that I should stay away from them. Driving long distance can cause me anxiety, so I don’t bother. It is easier to use public transit. See, going to the North Bay is a lot of work for me right now, and I have to wait until my knee is all the way better to even begin to do anything like that. I’m trying my best to stay in control of my type 1-diabetes since the holidays cause me enormous stress. Or maybe it is me empathically picking up on other people’s stress.

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