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Gaslighting as Abusive Behavior

January 1, 2020

Gaslighting is a way to control someone else’s reality. Gaslighting is insidious and evil to do to someone because the person gaslighting says: “It really didn’t happen this way,” to confuse you to death. Gaslighting is a threat to your view of reality. It is mean, uncalled for and something that happened to me as a child. I was constantly gaslit growing up. Narcissists love gaslighting. It’s their way of life, because they lie while stealing your goodness from you because they have no goodness of their own. Gaslighting is ridiculous because it means that your gaslighter is rewriting your reality in their heads, and then putting this crap into yours. You never deserved the gaslighting, which is something I went through growing up every day. I avoid gaslighters in my adult life.

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