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How Much Do I Miss Martial Arts Class?

January 5, 2020

I miss hitting bags, and controlled aggression. I miss being relaxed after class. I miss being very relaxed. I miss getting my stress out and I realize however, that I’m not an angry person, the angry person I thought I was. Instead, I’m an empath who has her family dump their unwanted feelings into my body. I used to walk around with their symptoms in my body, until I was like 20. They wanted it that way so they could function, that’s why they didn’t get me medication in the first place. They wanted my energy to be unstable both to feed on it energetically, other psychics will know what I’m talking about, and to pick on me. Martial arts class helped me not explode on people with unstable anger fits or temper tantrums. I’m doing way better if they aren’t around, but my knee is still stiff, and painful since that is preventing me from doing strenuous exercises other than walking.

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