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The Iran Mess: From the Lens of A Science-Fiction Writer

January 7, 2020

We could be looking at the beginning of World War 3. If Russia, China, and Iran are doing joint military exercises, then things are in deep shit. I worry about who may try to drop the bomb, and if our system is ready to handle such an event. What scares me is that any American city could be a huge target, particularly coastal cities. Then again movies get into the bomb being dropped on a city in the Midwest. Droppign the bomb provides us with sticky karma. It may be written into world history, it may not. We have had bombs on this planet before after all, if you watch enough Ancient Aliens although my memory this morning is not good enough to cite that TV show. I have it on my Amazon Video. But anyway, I’m pretty much going to end this with, let’s hope nobody is stupid enough to drop the bomb.

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