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Why I Feel Stuck With Work Options

January 9, 2020

I feel stuck with my work options right now. The universe had previously demanded I look into websites other than, but I didn’t do anything about it until this year. I had put the universe on ignore because I thought, well, I have, until they decided not to outsource their freelancers anymore, based on the California AB 5 Freelancer bill meant to keep business in California. I have now done some research today on companies that are like that I’m going to write for. I feel massively stuck despite knowing there are other companies out there. I have $14 in limbo that I haven’t been able to transfer to m Payoneer account since they quit using Paypal too. I hope that someday they employ less fascist laws about freelancing, since the law is about Californians only being allowed 35 pieces a year.

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