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Psychic Shielding Book: How I’m Going to Write It

January 14, 2020

The book is stuffed into my head, and this simply means it needs to be unzipped, with illustrated drawings, kind of like the ones in Change Your Aura, Change Your Life. This book scenario is rather like a zip file. I’ve been accessing this manual a lot lately only because I’m working on my psychic shielding, which is something I have down to an exact science. When I’m unshielded, I start feeling anxious, I pick up on everything. This is why I do not go to the mall near where I live. I’m very careful with where I go. A crowd such as Christmas in the Park would be detrimental to me because I only go into huge crowds if I feel well enough to go. Otherwise, I’m very careful with how many people I surround myself with. After freeing myself from my last relationship, I managed to release myself from the need to go to crowded environments.

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