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Type 1-Diabetes Anniversary

January 17, 2020

Type 1 Diabetes Anniversary

This May marks 29 years of type 1-diabetes. I’m lucky to be alive with all the near-misses I had growing up in which somehow I never passed out. I’m able to look back on my childhood thinking, wow, I mean I just got lucky. As I’m winning the diabetes war, I’m realizing I am lucky, despite being low-income. I might eventually updrade pumps for free while they give me a continuous glucose monitor. But the thing is, I need to start the business. I will get that started soon enough. I’m trying to keep my head above water with my money situation, but that is proving to be very difficult. Although not spending money is easy since I have a lot of food in the house, even if I have to bake some of it. I’m lucky I’m alive at 38.

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