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The Mind Over Body List

January 23, 2020

Yes, we have a list of those talents, like me never given into passing out despite various triggers such as low blood sugar, abusive behavior, stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. You feel like the panic attack will make you pass out but it never does. Although I’m worried about stress causing me fainting in the future if I do not know how to manage it well or properly. Yes, you could say I’m paranoid about fainting in front of people, which is why it has only happened once on a trip to Chile in 2006. It is also very nice to have my blood pressure under control, with medication since that also caused me fear of fainting. Sleep deprivation could have made me pass out a thousand times over in high school. The epic self-control I exercised back then is an asset because I somehow didn’t snap despite the raging bipolar and schizophrenia symptoms that took over my life. I’m lucky I didn’t crack to a suicidal impulse once during that time despite social pressure to the contrary.

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