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Never Go To Internists for Medication

January 25, 2020

Today I’m going to release the notion that you shouldn’t go to internists for mental health medication unless they have knowledge of psychiatry that’s floating around in their heads. I say this only because I have personal experience going down that slippery road. Internists do not know much about mental health. Now with that said, I have to say that I tried using my internists for prescribing hard-hitting medication with a major depressive disorder diagnosis, not a schizoaffective diagnosis. At least now I can share with people that I do have a diagnosis while back then I was an alcoholic who wasn’t quitting. I should have been at least manhandled by my doctor into quitting but see, my family was brainwashing the poor things. When people start believing weird things about me, that’s the brainwashing kicking in. I’ve been taught to help them, and given the tools to do so. The second I make real money is when I leave to move to Los Angeles, which scares my parents to death. We escape them, and not leave a forwarding address.

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