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The Auric Layers

January 27, 2020

I’m ignorant about many things psychic despite having studied, read, and tried to wrap my brain around these subjects. I now understand the chakras as energy organs, from the Intuition Guidebook, which I have read, dissected, and literally torn apart trying to figure this stuff out. The auric layers are what help screen psychic information apparently, (pp. 60). I know my auric layers have been weakened by all the psychic attack I have stared down. The first auric layer is the color red, and is located in and around the skin, which makes sense because its function is to protect life energies. The tenth auric layer is clear or brown and outside of the first layer, as a mirror or program, serving the second self.

The second auric layer is orange, and is outside of the tenth layer, whose purpose it is to screen emotions as well as feelings. Now the thing is that the third layer is what filters ideas and beliefs. I know this layer is messed up or injured too because I have negative beliefs about myself I’m trying to let go of. The fourth auric layer is Green, is found outside of the third layer, and attracts and repels relationships. This layer is fine because it means that I’m successfully repelling the Ex. The fifth auric layer is blue, found outside of the fourth layer, and attracts and sends guidance. Now this layer is messed up because I need guidance but can never seem to find it.

My life can feel like a Paper Doll Syndrome only because I find myself worried about the future a lot. The Sixth Auric layer is purple, found outside of the fifth layer, and opens to choices, projects and decisions. I know this layer is more or less fine because I decided to work on the Shadow of the Phoenix Rising business due to a feeling in my head. I was thinking the t-shirt business was easier, but I need to order more t-shirts. The 7th auric layer is white and is found outside of the sixth layer, because it connects with spirits, and Spirit inside of you, while broadcasting spiritual decisions. Mine is messed up because I believe weird things about myself that I can’t or struggle to let go of although today that tape is not as loud.

The Eighth spiritual layer is black or silver and is outside of the seventh layer that broadcasts karma and absorbs powers. We know what could happen to me if I try to eat chocolate again, without safeguards. I’m just voluntarily staying away from chocolate right now. My sets haven’t come down as much as they used to right now. Major set failure is risky business because then my Pk could be triggered big time. The 9th auric layer is gold, and is outside of the eighth layer, it connects with others based on soul issues. The 11th layer is pink and linked with the eleventh chakra, whose purpose it is to commandeer forces. The 12th auric layer is clear, linked with the twelfth chakra, and links with the energy egg connecting other humans and divine selves. The layers act as a filter protecting me from stuff, other people’s stuff. I’m going to get right with sleep when some of this aura business is fixed. So will my blood sugar become perfect.

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