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Thoughts Are Things But Not Necessarily For Mentally Ill People Who Get Paranoid

February 4, 2020

We pagans believe that thoughts are things but that is not necessarily literal for the more practical among us. The thing is, one Pantheacon, I reminded folks that mentally ill people think all kinds of things about all kinds of things. We get paranoid about our symptoms, the hospital, our psychiatrist noticing us, and more. Thinking thoughts can become your own worst enemy especially at night. This is why my instincts say don’t hang out with other psychics since I’m fragile. Mental illness lets many different types of thoughts just getting shoved into our heads. Self-help books aim to help us restructure our thoughts as does cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. I have used many a self-help book with much success to manage my OCD, since they come in the mail often.

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