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Why I Want To Become Mayor of Los Angeles

February 17, 2020

In San Jose, there are ample City Council opportunities compared to the brainwashed people in Mountain View. So I figured that I can do something that will not keep me trapped here for long since I want to move to Los Angeles where I want to run for mayor. Then again, I have limited energy to do much outside of my writing thanks to Mr. Hernia. I had a stressful day yesterday because my blood sugar was low in the middle of the night, having injected that night which plunged my blood sugar to 43 mg/dl. I am trying to keep my finances together. But that is impossible without the part-time job I used to have. I’m trying to find other jobs here. I’m also trying to publish my work. I have books to write, and since next month I’m not paying my blog, I can afford to pay for my roadside assistance. Being mayor would give me experience with being in charge of something. I’d have a campaign to gain experience for other roles such as governor, or senator or State Representative. These are all steps to a much larger goal.

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