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What is a State Representative and Who Is Zoe Lofgren

February 18, 2020

Zoe Lofgren has my vote for the House of Representatives as a Democrat, although I’m looking to re-register myself as an independent. She got herself a Bachelor’ s Degree in political science, and then a Law Degree from Santa Clara University, graduating in 1975, and just reading this stuff is making me twitchy about my job situation stuckness, it feels like my career is stalled and in limbo. She was serving Congressman Don Edward’s staff, for eight years, in his San Jose and Washington DC offices. She was teaching and practicing immigration law, while then subsequently being elected to the San Jose Evergreen Community College Board in 1979. Zoe Lofgren is about immigration reform, but as a lawyer she worked on patents, copyrights, digital rights, and Internet neutrality. Yeah, I pretty much wish I had a similar background, as my BA is in Creative Writing with holistic health segment III and some journalism/cinema classes in between.

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