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How Much Was I Bullied For Having Diabetes?

February 22, 2020

My family refused to take me out of a toxic environment or to stop the bullying often enough. I was bullied night and day for like 4 years, so from 4th grade to 8th grade about having diabetes, as if I felt bad enough from the diabetes. Having diabetes is not easy, managing diabetes isn’t easy, and the whole thing is just plain messy. I knew early on that while I was irrational not being on medication for my schizoaffective, I’d have to make decisions that reflect good judgment anyway. I realized that my family wasn’t right in the head, and rarely did my dad get involved. He truly left it up to mom and I. The thing is, I felt that I could make better decisions than her, only because I thought, well, I listen to my doctors but who knows what’s getting through that thick, stubborn skull? So I eventually just said, hey, diabetes is my domain.

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