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Sex Addiction

February 23, 2020

Sex addiction is a very real force in this world that some people have to deal with already. Sex addiction is defined as a medical condition in which an individual has compulsions to have sex, while being unable to control their problem. Their sexual thoughts interfere with their life, rendering them unable to work. The sex drive takes them over, leaving room for precious little else. They have little outside interests about other activities let alone being a responsible person. Sex addiction is something impulsive, that some people have no interest in reducing their need for come to think of it, because hypersexual people need to masturbate a lot, while going after multiple sex partners, having multiple affairs, and having compulsive one night stands. Sex addiction is a compulsion that can destroy the victims’ life, causing many breakups, financial situations, and sexually transmitted infections. Depression may be what triggers compulsions to have sex, in particular with bipolar people in mind. Medication such as SSRIs like Prozac, can help with this situation. These help reduce sexual urges.

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