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Deliberate Abuse

February 24, 2020

Unfortunately, there are people out there who are deliberately abusive. These are people who practice domestic violence and gas lighting. Some people who gaslight tell you that “it didn’t happen that way, ” just to make you second-guess yourself. They make you behave in an active manner at second-guessing your self-knowledge. This is so unbelievably wrong that one person would do this to another. What bothers people when they have to put up with lies-is that brainwashing types make them believe the lies, forcing them? Abusive behavior is actually deliberate for the most part. It is necessary to avoid abusers to keep your life making sense, as well as to stay grounded.

    • iriavp permalink

      Us innocents are like, but they don’t really mean it? Really? Do they? And then we second-guess ourselves. I’m often gaslighting myself sometimes, which is like, wow, don’t torment yourself damn it!

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