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Why I’m Scared of Hospitals

February 25, 2020

I had palette surgery in one at 8, I was diagnosed with diabetes in one and on life support at 10, I had an endoscopy that was long put off at 38, so you could say I have paranoia issues revolving around hospitals. I’m going to be looking into hospitalizing myself when my parents come back, in the psych ward if necessary. I feel unstable around them, so this might have to be done under the circumstances of my anxiety. I could also go to a board and care covered by Medi-cal, whom we should call to make arrangements on this come to think of it. But anyway, yes, I need to evacuate temporarily, so I can put my doctors on alert for, here comes wacky. So when I go to wherever I go, I cannot afford having people be mean to me because that will trigger me very badly also, as much as other people doing that.

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