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Having an Untreated Mental Illness Is So Fabulous

February 26, 2020

To my friends from elementary school, high school, and college, I just wanted to say I’m sorry that I had an untreated mental illness for my entire life until I was 28 when I went out on a limb to get myself decent treatment once and for all. When I went through my chunky phase, I didn’t stop hearing the end of it for my family since I was fat from Zyprexa eating habits, with Geodon being what cured it. I’m sorry about my moods being all over the place while I lacked treatment options growing up since I could have gotten myself SSI at any point since the 4th grade but nobody helped me with that until I was 28. My family wanted me to stay on their insurance longer, having the nerve to accuse me of being the manipulator in that regard. I’m now set free of having to pay for medical care but I still get criticized for being low income. Say what? I can’t win.

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