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Quit Saying You Are Fine

February 26, 2020

I’m done saying I’m fine all the time, if I feel like shit, at the very least let me say it. I’m done imagining that I’m doing great, because I’m just plain done. I’m not fine, always. In fact I’m scared to death of coronavirus, and anything breaking down in this house without it getting fixed. But whatever, I’m always the bad guy with them right? Oh I’m sorry, I’m the good person. Because I’m done being lied to, lied about, and being kicked around. I’m done being dicked around, pushed around, messed with, while having my rules shoved aside, because I’m the responsible one. I’m done, done done. My hernia is making me very fragile right now, I cannot fight people mano-a-mano. I have to be very careful whom I hang out with. This is why you can come to me.

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