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My Job Situation In General

February 28, 2020

My job situation is, I’m in training for the transcription company I found. I am trying to stick with one iron in the fire, one company only. I’m looking into finding work, because I want to work, in order to supplement my income. My income gets to stressful, uncomfortable levels at times. I’m trying to keep my head above water because I have serious healthy problems. So yeah, I have to find a job or an internship that I can work with, and be present for, despite what is going on. My hernia is limiting my diet, but my doctor refuses to sign off on surgery, so I have to get a second opinion, where I think she will say I need surgery. My primary care might have talked my GI out of saying I need surgery. I may need to switch doctors, if that’s the case. I’m getting major symptoms from my hernia.

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