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I’ve Never Been Hospitalized

February 29, 2020

For my mental health that is, ever. If my family should come back, that will change because I will hospitalize myself. I’m going to do that because the second they walk through the door, I get unstable from empathic energies that their untreated body and mind puts out. I’m trying to keep my head above water because of Mr. Hernia. This is becoming quite hard to do. I’m losing my ability to be peppy, since surgery phobia is creeping up on me but it might come time to get the thing out of me. My primary care doesn’t sign off on this, but my GI does. I’m getting a GI second opinion. I keep my doctors in familiar places only because I’d get lost if I go by myself. My anxiety just gets worse around my doctors sometimes, even in the Bay Area. But hey, chalk it up to a life long fear of doctors, while my needle fear is something else to talk about altogether.

  1. I do the same thing with my doctor’s. If someone says you won’t get lost, I know they are wrong, because I always get lost especially the first time, maybe even the 2nd..ugh.

    • iriavp permalink

      And that is why I stick with a known territory when I go to the doctor. At any large hospital or another clinic, I’d get lost. So I’d rather stay with familiar people or places. I have such an abundance of test strips today. It is unbelievable, everything came in the mail without eBay tracking. I now have a shot at getting to perfect diabetes. I’m taking it.

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