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My Shadow Network’s Competition

March 1, 2020

My competition is both phone-based, and chat-based companies that allow for psychic employees to give readings via both mediums. California Psychics is my competition because it is a website and a way to find phone numbers of psychics who can help their clients. Kasamba is different from them because they have many different offerings on types of readings, while also being about crystal readings, even leaving a note that they are gay friendly. The website I used to work for was the Psychic Power Network. I had a working name, but at the same time, I occasionally feel like I’m about to build too much stress, and that I will explode or implode from it. The thing is though, that I couldn’t log in one day because I felt bad. Also, they didn’t necessarily pay me when I had earned considerably an amount of money they should have paid me with. Ask the is another website, offering tarot readings, or other psychic practitioners such as clairvoyants. Then, Meet Your Psychic, has a new website out, charging $1 a minute. I’d try to make my services more affordable, also providing a real-world way for customers to meet the psychics they will be using their services with. This idea could save the metaphysical bookshop from extinction when people die or the economy tanks.

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