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Why Do I Want To Go To the Caribbean?

March 6, 2020

To find witch doctors and shamans that is, so I can further help myself keep the psychic stuff under control. The Caribbean is mystical to me. I want to see it, immersing my self in the laid-back nature that is the islands. I live in the Bay Area where there is nothing laid-back about the rat race. I’m trying to find a job that is outside of the rat race, because I’m trying to find one that doesn’t interfere with the fact I have many irons in the fire. I’m also trying to stop lying about the psychic crap. I habitually lie about this stuff. I scored high even when I lied on the Intuition Guidebook’s quiz. Then I took the quiz again, without lying, circling 5 for every category, and I scored 335 points, or in the highly psychic category. See, I need to get help with this stuff to figure out how to stay stable.

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