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The Plan to Pay Off My Credit Card Bill

March 9, 2020

I have little income right now because in fact, I’m low income enough to say I have to cancel my insurance. I may even seek a refund of $84.84 from the last time I paid my insurance, which was last month. I’m going to pay off my credit card bill while I don’t have a job since I didn’t pay it off when I had one. I showed poor judgment with that action, despite my Lamictal, which gives me good judgment. I will pay off that credit card bill, as I feel it strongly necessary to do so. I put away my credit card this morning because my bill is at $1,001. I paid $25 of it yesterday, so off I go to look for new jobs. I will get $5 a week cash back every Friday. It will add up to $15 a month extra to help pay off that bill as the bill is scaring me.

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