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Justifiable Homicide

March 12, 2020

Kelly Taylor is raped in the 90120 episode- “Dog’s Best Friend” Kelly on 90210 kills the guy who raped her in “The Phantom Menace.” Kelly is assaulted while walking around a lone at night, which is not something anybody should do regardless of what they were wearing, even if Dylan was busy considering getting high. You cannot stop a drug addict from getting high if they really want to, in particular, Kelly’s mother. Kelly takes herself to a hospital, puts up with PTSD for days after the attack, and when she is working alone at Now Where This, Kelly has to put up with him locking the door and brandishing a knife at her, which makes her respond by firing shots at the rapist. In the first episode of Season 10, “The Phantom Menace,” the rapist named Joe dies of his gunshot wounds. Then, Kelly gets arrested and charged with Justifiable Homicide since Joe was about to kill her, she responded in self-defense.

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