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My Preferred Online Websites to Make Money from

March 13, 2020

It used to be Textbroker, and I’m doing a lot of research so I can sell the list to someone with reviews that are laced in my personal experience at that company. I’m trying to make money here. I may have to start by using ShoutVox where I do have an account. I also applied as an English paper editor for this one company. I’m trying to learn the style of editing for that one transcription company I applied at. I’m also going to take a Rev project, this weekend or this week in general. I plan on staying home. The library is going to stay open during this coronavirus crisis. I have to go to the library, but I’m stuck at home with the next week being wet. I feel like I should have cultivated an income with other websites last year, as I was focused on using Textbroker only. But well, now I have other options and today I may just work on Rev, for example.

  1. Hello iriavp, I’m a college student and in need of a freelance job/ account..if you could maybe hire me I’d be grateful

    • iriavp permalink

      Hi, I’m not the richest person to be doing that right now, as I’m looking for a job myself. I’m making my own resource list to get jobs with. Thanks for asking though.

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