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The Spanish Inquisition

March 13, 2020

The Spanish Inquisition reads like this. In the 1400s, the Spanish people had an easy-going relationship with the Jewish people in Spain but not to mention with the Muslims also. Then somebody secret society, maybe, decided to start drama. Needless to say, by the 1500s, people were busy kicking the Jews and Muslims out of Spain or forcibly converting them to be Catholic. Protestants also fell victim to this but isn’t it any wonder that Spain is still overrun by the Catholic Church. The Inquisition was actually caused by certain factions. They wanted to stir up trouble. They succeeded. That’s how these “guiding forces” start drama. These days, that drama is coronavirus. Everything is fine until those who stir up trouble, well, do the deed that stirs up trouble. The human race is used to their behavior, not to mention being pushed around.

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