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Amethyst Helps You Sleep

March 14, 2020

Amethyst works. I can’t explain how but I have an idea to make an amethyst crystal grid all over my bed in all four corners and under my pillows. I just need to buy the gemstones, and the sticky tape I will need to attach them to something. I’m trying to stay asleep at night, seeing as I tested my blood sugar several times tonight. Each time I came out rather well, which made my average drop. I’m trying not to pay attention to that thing to see if that helps in making me be marginally aware of it, because the second I obsess I go up. Amethyst does help you sleep, I have no explanation for it aside from I get sleep around this stone for some reason. I can sleep better when it’s around. That’s why I’m contemplating buying a big amethyst geode or a cluster.

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