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Spontaneous Healing Events

March 17, 2020

I was sitting at this computer one evening, just tinkering with it, when suddenly I noticed a boil in my mouth I hadn’t been noticing before I actually noticed it in the first place. It was gross, I’ll spare you the details that shocked other pagans, but it was there one minute, I felt a rush of energy through my crown chakra, and there it went. The energy came from pissed off self-love because I was like, seriously, I do not need to put up with this thing. In that moment, I was thinking about whether or not I should treat it with salt and warm water, or go to urgent care. The thing just went and disappeared. It was there one minute, and gone the next without so much as a wow, it disappeared.

As a type 1 diabetic I’m prone to random infections, which is why I’m sheltering in place today, while also having my aunt and uncle go for groceries, and my medication. This illness could flat out kill me, give or take, so I’m not exposing myself to it any time soon. A map of the world will soon show other countries where infections are present. But anyway, I healed my arm like that also.

My fence had nails that were so obviously bent up on the board furthest to the right. I removed that board since the nails weren’t keeping it together anyway. I was floored that the cut I had on my arm, which was bleeding but not too badly, started to vanish before my eyes, I saw it one minute and then the next minute it disappeared. It was simply shocking because despite the paranormal everything following me around my entire life, I hadn’t thought of this happening that morning when I woke up. I mean what reason would I have to make shit up about this stuff? It did happen. I’m not going to fall into cognitive dissonance mode and get all paranoid? My family may assume what they want but I do not talk about this stuff to make myself look good. This event did happen as I’m retelling it. I was once again, thinking, do I have to go to urgent care? Then it vanished after I though that, so I was like, now I don’t have a reason. Gr…

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