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How to Stay Well In Times of Pandemic

March 19, 2020

I didn’t get the swine flu in 2009-2010. I’m wondering if I will get coronavirus as I have perfect diabetes but know how to psychically rip out germs from my body. Germs show up in your aura or energy body before they show up in your physical body. You are surrounded by germs all the time. You get lucky when one latches into your body only because a germ has to sneak in somehow. You don’t get enough sleep, you get run down, you do not show discipline with your diet, many things can let a germ latch into your system, be it a skin germ like various types of acne, or other forms of germs. This planet is awash in germs, my friends, k? You don’t have psychic germ cam or OCD like I do. I get to see the germs. Your immune system spends its entire existence kicking germs out. I’m doing my best to not get paranoid. The news is scary.

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