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Let Mentally Ill People Have Their Feelings

March 23, 2020

Today, I am reflecting on how I lie a lot when I don’t feel well, as I’m able to give mental health professionals and average Joes, the impression that I feel fine. But then again this year, I’m trying not to lie to myself or anybody else. I do this because I was treated to corporal punishment as a child of 14 years old, every time I expressed depression, suicidality, or stress. I grew up feeling like I had to always have a smile on my face. Nobody intervened on my behalf, because I had to put up with it although I’m sure my high school has something to say. I’m fed up with my families’ narcissistic lying, because I’m done. At this point, its like, wow, I don’t go to holidays for a reason, and I’m not leaving the house for weeks until the coronavirus heals itself from the planet. I’m trying to keep myself well here.

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